Husseini & Husseini, LLP from its beginnings in 1919, as a one lawyer operation to its current standing as one of the top law firms in Palestine, represents a pioneering spirit and tradition of excellence coupled with being a forerunner for change and legal development.  The founding of the firm coincided with historical times where Mr. Husseini found himself at the crossroads when Ottoman rule over Palestine ended and the era of British mandate began.  He was able to transcend political divides and partake in the legal reform of the Palestinian legal system and its judiciary as it transformed from an Ottoman mixed system of Sharia law and Napoleonic Code to the Anglo-Saxon common law British system.  Since then, the firm continued to be a champion and leader of legal innovation and transformation weathering one period after another of political upheaval and complex economic conditions and has withstood the test of time.  Today, it is stand apart in its solid performance and proven track record. We have been consistent and driven by one constant: providing professional services that distinguish us from other law firms. We are unwavering in our commitment to client service, excellence, integrity, and depth.  We are recognized for our community service and pro-bono practice, unique in this politically charged environment.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and creative advice. Working in an emerging market with overarching political and economic challenges, we  focus and charge forward bridging government and business, giving our domestic and international clients structures, frameworks and approaches to complete their projects and transactions; with vigor and energy we represent their interests in all kinds of complex litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution; guide them and their businesses through the maze of government regulation; protect and defend their rights, interests and properties; prepare for their companies to grow and promote capital formation in capital markets.  We offer them a full range of services to secure their interests.


Husseini and Husseini is ranked among the top Palestinian law firms in industry surveys including:

  • Chambers Global has nominated Husseini & Husseini since 2006 as “utterly capable… has the work and the reputation”; “extremely diligent, careful, and rigorous”; “first-rate… with a raft of international clients”.
  • World Bank, Doing Business has awarded Husseini & Husseini Partnership Awards since 2006 
  • The British Chamber of Commerce (Guide to Near and Middle Eastern Markets) has profiled Husseini & Husseini as a success story in West Bank & Gaza firm despite adversity in 2004 and 2005.
  • The Women’s Tribune in Morroco, has recognized and honored the firm’s Managing Partner, Ms. Husseini, as a leading Arab Woman in 2009.


For our clients and colleagues, our extraordinary commitment, our depth of experience, regional and global reach, and comprehensive industry focus inspire their loyalty and satisfaction and allow us to maintain a high level of achievement.

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