Dawood Y. Husseini (1890-1935)

Dawood Husseini was a leading lawyer during a critical historical period and rose quickly to prominence in his practice. Known for his critical thinking, Mr. Husseini became a judge early in his career and held various posts at the courts of Jerusalem, Jaffa, and in Syria. 


Fakhri T. Husseini (1893-1942)

Fakhri Husseini joined the firm in 1924 as a leading and prominent member of the Jerusalem community who spoke fluently six languages, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian and Turkish. Fakhri Husseini was appointed chair of the Lawyers Association in Jerusalem during the Ottoman and British mandate periods, but was removed due to his support of the revolution. He died at an early age in 1942. 


Suleiman D. Husseini (1925-1974)

In 1925, Dawood’s son joined the firm. Although Dawood Husseini’s career ended with an early passing at the age of 45, his son Suleiman continued in the practice, following his footsteps, until 1967, when the turmoil of that period brought the entire practice to a halt. Like his father, he held judicial posts in Palestine, Turkey, and Syria and produced various publications.


Hiba Husseini

Partner. Ms. Husseini is the Managing Partner of the firm. She is a U.S. graduated attorney and member of the Pennsylvania and Palestine Bar Associations. She has practiced law in Washington D.C. and, since 1994, has been a legal advisor and practitioner in Palestine. Ms. Husseini has served as the legal advisor to the Peace Talks between Palestine and Israel since 1994‑present. She serves on the boards of a number of local and international civic organizations. She is the Chairman of Almustakbal Foundation for Policy and Strategic Studies; Member of the Board of Trustees, Al‑Najah University in Nablus; Former Vice Chairman, the Palestine Stock Exchange (1997‑May 2005). Education: B.A., University of Tennessee (1983) Knoxville, TN, USA; M.A., George Washington University (1986), Washington, D.C., USA; Juris Doctor, Georgetown University (1992), Washington, D.C., USA; MSs (Corporate Finance), Sorbonne University and Centre for Financial, Economic and Banking Studies, France (2002). Languages: Arabic, English and French. She has extensive experiance in corporate transactions, trade, customs and investment, taxations, securities offerings and capital markets, banking and lending, telecommunications, water and environment, real property and arbitration. She has extensive experience in legislative drafting of business laws.


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