Practice Areas


Legislative and Policy Formulation and Monitoring Legislation

The firm provides Palestinian decision-makers with in-depth research and analysis on various policy issues related to the constitution, separation of power issues, public governance, institutional development and private-public partnership. It actively engages  in monitoring the activities of the institutions of the community and assisting clients to devise suitable legislative strategies.  The firm is also in a position to assist clients to assure access to the decision makers in the national government; administrations of the Ministries and at the Palestinian Legislative Council (parliament).  It works on planning, designing and drafting Palestinian laws and regulations. It has taken the lead in Palestine in the field of commercial legislative drafting. It has participated or is presently engaged in the following:


Economic Sector Laws

Investment, companies, commercial code, commercial agencies, industrial zones, competition, intellectual property, trade, food safety, foreign trade, sanitary and phytosanitary, customs, consumer protection, commercial agents, labor, chambers of commerce,  contracts, border management agency, standards and measurements and tourism.


Financial Sector Laws

Secured lending and leasing, securities, capital market authority, insurance, and property tax, and banking, Palestinian Monetary Authority law, Public Debt law and Anti-Money Laundering law including their regulations, bankruptcy, industrial zones, foreign trade, free trade agreements, export promotion.


Water and Environmental Laws

Water, environmental and natural resources.


Telecommunications and Technology Laws

Telecommunications, e-commerce, e-signatures, cyber and internet.


Property Rights Law

Land rights, land registration, eminent domain, mortgages/mortgage finance.


Judicial Process and Dispute Resolution Laws

Public notaries, execution of judgment, and arbitration.



Administrative and local government.

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